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Monday, 2 October 2017

Awesome Father

The young mum pulled the scones from the oven, listening for the kettle to boil. She was busy in the kitchen, but also, she kept a watchful eye on her 18-month-old in the conservatory: a wee girl who rejoices in climbing anything and everything – at just the right moment, Jem abandoned the scones and scooped her daughter from the window ledge before she over-balanced and pitched onto the tile floor beneath. 

God promises (psalm 32) that he will counsel us and watch over us. There may be global disasters abroad and domestic situations at home, shootings and civil unrest, and God is involved in all, near to all who suffer. Yet also, he has an eye on the vulnerable – on you and me – and can be trusted to reach out a steadying hand when we wobble, a saving arm when we fall.

Our situations may not be so dramatic, but God cares about the detail and thinks of every life as precious. He is an amazing Father.

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