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Wednesday, 4 October 2017


Two years ago we had the joy of going to the Bolshoi Ballet in Moscow and watching Swan Lake. I was just remembering the consummate skill and artistry of the talented troupe of dancers. We had balcony seats, which afforded us a good view of the stage, and despite incredible contortions and lengthy poses, we never saw a wobble. Nobody lost his or her balance. The beauty of the ballet was breath-taking. Every dancer was a star.

I want to be a star in whatever I do today. Pressures come from unexpected sources, threatening to cause me to wobble. Just when I think I’ve got that pirouette down perfectly, a need or an anxiety or an ache hits me and can unbalance me if I’m not careful. How to respond to interruptions with grace and confidence: life is a challenge. So is dancing Swan Lake, I’m sure. 

What I need today is a divine dancing partner. What a blessing that he’s always there, never leaving my side, guiding my moves and helping me maintain balance. May the God of peace enable you to twirl through the day, bringing joy to others and filling your own soul with joy.

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