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Wednesday, 11 October 2017

So Ananias Went

So Ananias went. Challenging. Ananias was a human just like me. His hearing from the Lord was by faith, just like mine is. He heard God tell him to go see a man who was on the rampage against Christians, having come to Damascus to drag them back to Jerusalem to their deaths. He put up a fight. What? You must be kidding! 

You heard me right, Ananias. Go. So Ananias went.

I am very challenged by this exchange. It would be hard enough if the Lord or his Messenger were standing in front of me telling me to go to such a violent persecutor. But to hear by faith and respond in faith is another step. 

Ananias was a person just like me. May I hear with the same degree of conviction and clarity and respond with the same degree of trust and obedience.

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