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Monday, 16 October 2017

Brace yourselves!

Brace yourselves! Hurricane’s coming...

I peer from the windows on a shrinking landscape, swaddled in deep mist. Autumn trees flare into the thickening grey. Larch twigs droop, waving limply in the breath of wind, which is forecast to increase to gale force and possibly even hurricane strength before the day is through. The outlook is bleak and the light appears to waver.

Brexit; Trump; North Korea; Iran; Syria; Ukraine; Myanmar; Venezuela. Wildfires; hurricanes; floods; earthquakes; drought. 

I peer at a global landscape, swaddled in deep mist. Truth flares into the thickening darkness of fake news and alternative facts. Hope swirls forlornly in the tornadoes of doubt and confusion. 

Through it all, though, shines a beacon of light, the light of the world, burning brighter as the darkness deepens. I lift my eyes to the hills, (which at the moment, I cannot see, so lost are they in the mist).Where is the help we need?

Our help remains in the name of the Lord who has made heaven and earth. It’s time to see with the inner eye, through Holy Spirit specs, and focus on Jesus. 

Brace yourselves!

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