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Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Paka Paka

The fragrance of friends lingers long after they have gone. The echo of laughter. The beauty of joyful smiles. The vibrancy of a toddler, always on the move, discovering a world which is daily revealing more of its magic detail to him.

Hospitality is a foretaste of heaven – both giving it, and receiving it. Discussing and debating ideas and issues: sharing memories which invite a glimpse into each other’s past: revealing hopes and ambitions for the future: over food as special as coq au vin and as basic as porage. 

Friendship across the generations may be rare, especially when coupled with friendship across eastern and western cultures. We have made these friends in our autumn, in their summer, and share Russian, Scottish and American experiences, memories, and approaches to life. Encircling us all I sense the everlasting arms embracing us in a divine hug of love.

We are grateful to God for the ‘chance’ that brought us together, having had our lives enriched and our vision broadened as a result. As we have parted with smiles and promises to meet again soon, I sense the heartbeat of our loving Father, a gentle smile and a sigh of satisfaction.

Paka paka.

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