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Tuesday, 1 March 2016


Picked up my new specs this morning. These new glasses replace an earlier pair of Varifocal lenses – it seems as a person ages, long-distance vision improves while close-up sight declines.  I can’t say I’m very excited by my appearance in these new glasses – basically, I’d quite like to look like I’m 20 and with my now clearer vision I see there is no hope for that! 

As I drove home, I heard on the radio of the death of a writer at age 63. I am going to be 65 in April. Suddenly my perspective shifted and I saw clearly the blessing of being alive and healthy despite appearance changing. The big picture snapped into focus, and with the help of these new glasses, the detail is visible too!

It’s hard to dismiss feelings about ageing, but I want to walk gracefully into the sunset rather than pretending to still be young. I know, I know: young at heart is more important than number of years... but ... 

When I allow my eyes to lift from the bespectacled image in the mirror to the everlasting God who welcomes me to spend eternity with him, my myopic vision clears and I rejoice. (I am hoping, however, that in eternity there will be no need for glasses...)

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