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Monday, 5 June 2017


Blessed. Grateful. 

Leeds Arena. Seven and a half thousand women who love the Lord Jesus, coming together to lift his name up in worship and to be challenged and changed by the heart-felt, God-given preaching of Godly women. 

This was our fourth year. Security was tighter than ever, but Joey and I stayed in a small hotel in a neighbourhood containing a mosque and a Sikh temple. The hotel was a bit down at heel but trying to posh itself up; its owner was kindly, friendly and helpful. We took taxis driven by men from Pakistan and enjoyed our conversations. Sharpshooters were scattered round the entrance; bags were scanned as in an airport; but there was no sense of fear. Just a hunger and an anticipation to draw closer to the God who is love, who is with us in the valleys as well as on the mountain tops.

There is something truly Awesome about gathering with so many Jesus-lovers. Now I’m back, trying to digest the teaching which did apply to my own set of circumstances, as it will have to the other seven and a half thousand women. That’s the way God works. He speaks out a word through a servant of his which is powerful and is heard at just the right pitch for each listener. Corporate but personal. 

Glory to Him. 

Driving home, I heard of the terrorist attack in London happening at that moment. Stories of tragedy and heroism. If ever there was a time for us to be on our knees, eyes on our Lord, crying out for this nation and listening for his still small voice, now is the time.

As the busyness closes round me again, I am going to guard fiercely my sacred space with the Lord. He is good, and he is love, and he listens to the cries of his people.

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