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Tuesday, 13 June 2017

In the Moment


Pictures, even a video, coming in from halfway round the world of the instant emotional connection between Mom and two of her great-grandchildren. The pictures are heart-warming and the exuberance shown by Mom, at nearly 93, as she bounces wee Gregor on her knee is amazing. If I live that long, I hope to be as strong and able.

There is such an infectious joy at watching these precious people at the extreme ends of our life cycles, living in the joy of the moment. Worries which consume us don’t touch them as they trust others to look after their best interests. This is how life ought to be, where young and old can trust relatives to nurture and care for them, but of course reality often falls far short.

This is a picture of how God our Father wants us to be, trusting him to look out for us as we launch ourselves into life with vigour and unfettered joy. As Jesus taught, who can add a single minute to our lives by worrying about things? His advice is to be part of kingdom-building here on earth, and as we do that, he will look out for our needs. 

So may we live in the moment today, trusting that God has our back.

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