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Wednesday, 14 June 2017

How can that be?

Today my baby is turning 30. How can that be? He and his wife and two wee kids are visiting my Mom in California – my Mom who is going to turn 93 this summer. How can that be? Mhairi, my daughter is with them and they plan a grand day out to Catalina Island. They are swarming over my own birth place and starting place while I am thousands of miles away. How can that be?

These are the normal things that happen as life opens out one day at a time. 

But this morning we awoke to news of an horrific tower block fire with numerous casualties. People leaping from the building and shocked and bereaved wandering the streets below in gut-wrenching grief. How can that be? 

This is not a normal thing. This should not have been. Something has gone wrong somewhere to turn a modern, newly-refurbished apartment tower into a blazing inferno. No fire alarms to awaken sleeping residents. Other shortfalls hinted at in the first reports.

Praying for London this morning.

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