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Saturday, 24 June 2017

God's Prayer

I asked God to show me what was on his heart this morning, as I sat waiting for just five minutes.

I saw stone supports rising up within the church building, joining the roof in decorative flourishes as in some of the ancient cathedrals. Then they turned into geysers of water, powerfully shooting up and then the water sprinkled on all the people sitting in the church. Life-giving water. 

This is the Lord’s heart: that those who are ‘supports’ in the church will be transformed from static, stone supports and become sources of living water rising up powerfully and showering down on all gathered. 

Where the droplets fall there is instant growth of new life, each drop bringing forth a new plant/flower. The sterile, solemn church transforms into a living, fragrant space.

To come into the church as an ‘outsider’ is like Dorothy landing in Oz: going from a monochrome world into a vibrant, living, colourful and fragrant, dare I say enchanted space.

Yes, enchanted in that spiritual gifts are other-worldly, spiritual, and these are in evidence in church.
And out of church. As we leave church we take the fragrance, colour and spiritual gifts into the black and white world outside, transforming every place we go.

Amen. As this is God’s vision, this is my prayer.

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