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Monday, 26 June 2017


Charlie read out a lot of ideas of what heaven is like. Several folk envisaged it being like a beautiful beach, waves crashing in and a lovely sunrise or sunset streaking the sky with colour. That’s definitely something I understand: for me it would be sitting on a cliff top in California watching the Pacific breakers roll in, pelicans diving for fish and surfers ‘hanging ten’. Others saw it in relationships, in food, in being curled by the fire with a good book.

Thinking about it more, I imagine heaven is being content in the moment. Not wallowing in a nostalgic look at ‘the way we were’ nor yearning for a future holiday or meeting or season. Finding joy in the here and now. 

We don’t want to lose sight of where we’ve come from, nor lose ambition for where we are going, but still, to rest in the moment. To appreciate the taste of that coffee (which is why I don’t like drinking coffee on the run in a take-out cup), to lose myself in the beauty of that Scottish sky – greys though they are, they are beautiful greys, to turn my hand to the work of the moment and do it with all my attention and ability. 

The real foretaste of heaven, though, is when we are gathered with other believers and lose ourselves in worship, and the room becomes a ‘thin place’ where the presence of God is tangible. May his presence transform your moments into tasty bites of heaven today.

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