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Sunday, 11 June 2017


I heard Dr Elaine Storkey speaking on the radio 4 church service this morning, and in her preach she mentioned some of the many ways that women are abused in the world – FGM, rape as a weapon of war, loss of rights, inequality of pay, domestic abuse, forced marriage, etc.

Horrified, though of course this is not news. But it filled my heart with gratitude to God for the wonderful men in my life. I have been so blessed to have had a loving, gentle Dad, a loving, considerate and kind husband, and loving, thoughtful sons. Thank you, God.

Then I prayed for those who have known only violence and intimidation and fear from the men they have encountered.No wonder it’s so hard for so many women to trust God, often portrayed as male (despite Biblical descriptions revealing a God who transcends gender distinctions, encompassing all of us). 

He’s a good, good Father, who loves and sacrifices himself for his creation. He draws near to the broken, and the crushed branch he will not break. He is on the side of those who suffer injustice, violence and loss. He carries the weak and draws the heart-broken into his loving embrace. 

Praying that all those who suffer from current situations or horrible memories will know the loving healing touch of Jesus and be encouraged.

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