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Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Grown like Topsy

The vegetation at each side of the drive has grown ‘like Topsy’ for the last couple of years, neglected by the man with the strimmer. The good weather drew him outside and he’s now spent a good three days working on the verges, with, he assures me, another few hours with a lawn mower to go.

What’s remarkable is how brown the remaining plants are. Mosses, weeds, probably a bit of grass in there – it’s all looking like a California hillside in summer. Brown. Dead.

We imagine that now that the sunlight can reach it, and fresh air, (and the usual rain), we will soon see green shoots springing up again. 

One of the fruits of the Spirit is self-control, or self-discipline. I know that when I neglect spending time with the Lord, weeds of doubt and busyness shoot up, obscuring the Son-light and the fresh wind of the Spirit and leaving me, inside, brown and barren.  The Lord can help me ‘strim’ away that canopy of stuff so that I can see him face to face, if I invite him to work with me. The invitation is out.

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