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Wednesday, 7 December 2011


What an insidious thing fear is.

Just back from a walk over to El Dorado Park. My friend, who grew up across from the park, is selling her mom’s house now and has discovered that because of its location it is less desirable.

Less desirable? 

Yes, because of fears of who may be lurking in the park, and may stray to your back door and jimmy it open. 

Personally, I know if I were choosing between living across the street from the duck pond in the park, and living a block from the busiest freeway in California, the duck pond location would certainly win.

As I walked round the duck pond I listened to them laugh. One seemed to have a sore throat and kind of a more guttural laugh than the others. I had to smile. Who wouldn’t want to live near that, and watch the wee kids focused on getting those ducks off the ground and into the water or the air?

God wants us to trust him. Jesus tells us not to be afraid. 

Travelling reveals the paranoia and fear of our society. Security is tight everywhere. Now I don’t want to be so lax that bad things happen, but I think there is a limit. When I read yesterday that a lady in her 80s claimed she was strip searched in Pittsburgh because she didn’t want to go through the screening machine in case it triggered or stopped her pacemaker on her heart (that’s another fear), I thought it has really gone too far. 

Scripture says that all the horses and chariots and war machines we have aren’t worth a bean if God isn’t on our side. If we are trusting in him rather than in our own strength, he will look after us.

I know it sounds naive. But I’d rather live that way, if I can, than live controlled by fear.

I want to keep hearing those ducks laugh.

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