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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Winter Winds

There’s an amber warning out in Scotland. Winds gusting to 90 mph in some areas. The lights flicker occasionally and we make sure we know where the torches are. 

Inside the fire crackles in the grate. The dog and cats snuggle in as close as they can get. Christmas detritus litters the room – the odd bit of a cracker that contained some chocolates a few days ago. Ripped envelopes from the last cards which arrived today. Christmas table mats and wine glasses, streaked with the remainders of the Rioja enjoyed with dinner. A wreath dying slowly on the sideboard. 

The affianced couple sitting across from me, agonizing over the wedding guest list. How do you judge who you are closest to? Which of your parents’ friends should be jettisoned? Which of your colleagues can stay home on the day?

Relationships. The essence of Christmas – Jesus coming to reconcile humanity to God. To reconcile humanity with humanity. Prince of Peace. And yet at Christmas, so many relationships under strain, breaking down. So many broken relationships, the pain highlighted at this time of year. Intensified. 

So many people with a cheerful veneer covering up broken hearts, broken lives. Desperately needing the healing touch of Christ, but not even recognizing that. Lost in darkness with no idea where the torch is.

Who the torch is.

Winter winds.  Longing for the gentle breeze of summer.

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