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Saturday, 3 December 2011

A Perfect Day

Some days, you just feel God is in control from start to finish.

We went to the Healing Rooms at Bethel church this morning. Both Mom and I were prayed for; Robbie was involved but not with us. It was amazing. So many people just loving God. So many of them young. And then Mom, 87, game for it all. Glad to see people loving God, expressing worship in ways she wouldn’t do, but she is glad for it. She is amazing.

Then after lunch the three of us headed for Whiskeytown Lake, a man-made lake which flooded a town in order to be made. But on the way we passed through Shasta, where an event was taking place. One day every year this state park puts on re-enactments and involves the public, especially kids, in candle-making, blacksmithing, sugarplum baking, etc etc. And today was the day. We saw it all, including the gallows and jail. 
Unfortunately, the governor of the state has decreed a certain number of state parks will close because of lack of money, and this is one of them, so they are seeking private funding to keep open. I hope it succeeds.

Back to the hotel about 5 to relax and read e-mails, and in one a movie called Hugo was mentioned. We checked it out; it was screening in 10 minutes, about 5 minutes from here. So we went and it was fabulous. 

Then finished off with a delicious dinner.

A very special day, perfectly timed. One in which we saw God smile on us. Praise Him.

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