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Friday, 2 December 2011

Shasta looms

Snow-covered Mt Shasta looms over the city of Redding. The sky is perfect blue; the fierce winds of the past several days have dropped, and we are awaiting Robbie to take us to see the sights.

As we drove north, the hills grew gradually greener, and finally there was a little population on either side of the 5. Most of the trip through the state is through empty farmland, no towns or cities for miles. When people think of California they think of the jam of people in LA but most of the rest of the state is pretty sparsely populated.

We had such a good reunion yesterday. Life is what you make it. Grab the chances and make the most of every opportunity.

It has felt like a pilgrimage coming to Bethel Church, to the healing rooms tomorrow morning. Praying that we meet with God in a new and deep way, and that his healing is available to us both.

Excited to see Robbie in his present surroundings, and participate at some level in his activities. God is so good.

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