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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Limping Home

A wild wind is howling round the Hillock today, and there are teeth in it.Welcome home.

Just before leaving Long Beach, I made my usual stop at Simone’s for the dozen old fashioned buttermilk donuts I always bring back. They are special and we’ve been carting these things back now for twenty years or more; Mom and Dad started the tradition. 

So intent was I on purchasing these calorific treats, I failed to notice a concrete sleeper in the parking lot. My foot caught on it and I propelled alarmingly towards a concrete pole supporting the awning of the shops. Somehow I managed to regain my balance – my guardian angel’s hand perhaps? – but something wrenched in my left foot. 

Not good, when you are about to drag heavy cases through endless corridors and up and down escalators at LAX and Heathrow. 

What a trip. The panic of the first cancelled flight at the beginning. The pain of the injured foot at the end. In between, though, lots of fun, eating, and laughter.

Stretching it, I might find an allegory in there for the journey of life – starts in a panic for the parents, ends in pain, but in between, lots of fun, eating and laughter.

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