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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Home away from Home Again

California is certainly a big state, full of such a variety of flora and fauna. 

We drove for over seven hours yesterday to return to Long Beach from Walnut Creek, near San Francisco. Took 101 which is way more interesting than 5. At least it sometimes hugs the beautiful coastline and goes through some very pretty cities like San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara.

We stopped for lunch in a place Mom and Dad used to frequent, the Apple Farm in San Luis. It was a time both for happy memories and sadness at the loss for Mom, but we did enjoy our lunch and then browsing the adjacent shop full of so much merchandise. Everywhere we go the tannoy plays Christmas music, mostly tasteful, older Christmas carols rather than the raucous ones that so often assail the ears in Scotland.

Mhairi and her friend wanted to meet us at a restaurant in Malibu on the coast, Moondance or some such name. We therefore cut over from the 101 at a point below Oxnard and had a lovely journey down the coast to the place in Malibu. We did miss one turn and ended up at the guardhouse gate of a naval base, where the guard didn’t seem to have a smile. 

Malibu is bigger than I remembered, and while we started along the coast at sunset, we arrived in the dark. I didn't recognize the house I would have bought there if I'd ever succeeded in my writing endeavours. That was always my aim. Make it big, buy a house in Malibu and spend my life writing, overlooking the Pacific. 

Well, it never happened. But it was a lovely way to enter LA, and I have had a blessed life without living there. A fabulous life.

God is so good. All the time. He heaped blessing upon blessing on us and Mom, at 87, continually amazes me. She’s sleeping well, but awake early and ready to go again. 


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