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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

It's all about the Light

One thing about this time of year.

You haven’t missed the glorious dawn although you’re not out walking until 8 am. This morning, the sky was streaked with red in the east, while in the south a setting crescent moon winked at me.

The farm just to the north of us lay hidden amongst tall trees. At first, I only knew it was there because I knew it was there. And then, as I walked on, I saw the glimmering lights from the farm house shining between the tall trees. 

It made me think about the light within me, the light of Christ. How often is that light obscured by a stand of ‘trees’ which I’ve planted round my heart, sheltering it from hurt and disappointment?  How many people do I meet each day who have no idea that Jesus, the Light of the World, lives inside of me? 

I want to chop down any trees that obscure the light. That is my prayer today. To give the Light of the World a clear path to those who walk in darkness.

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