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Wednesday, 14 December 2011


Reminded this morning of the loving care of our God. Underneath are his everlasting wings. He shields us, protects us, nourishes us, when we allow him to.

Days are slipping by and Christmas is a week away. Everyone is beginning to ask the annual question. Are you ready yet?

Well, if by that question folks mean having the turkey bought and gifts for the family under the tree, then no, I’m not. I don’t yet have a tree. There isn’t a decoration in the house. I’m still writing cards that have to go abroad and still purchasing things on line which may have no chance of getting here before Christmas.
And of course, that is what people generally mean by the question.

I wonder what they would say if I turned it around and asked them, “Are you ready yet – not for the glitz of Christmas but to meet Jesus? To make a place for him in your heart? Or are you like the inn-keeper in B ethlehem: ‘No room in here for Him.’?”

I’m ready to meet him afresh. To greet him anew, as we do a new baby, with joy and love and excitement to know just where this relationship is going to go now.

Can’t wait. And meanwhile, I’ll continue to hunker down under his everlasting wings.

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