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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Blue Skies

I love blue skies. Cloudless, heralding a day of unbroken sunshine.

And yet ... I have to admit that I have a fascination for, and love of, interesting skies. There is a beauty in cloud formations which is missing from a solid blue canopy. There is the play of light, white or golden or rosy, breaking through in shafts of glory. There is the threat of sudden squalls in the dark clouds scudding across the expanse, adding interest to the day. 

And then there is the rainbow. 

There is such beauty in a rainbow. Such promise. The promise of God, that never again would he flood the earth completely and destroy just about every living thing. It reminds me of the everlastingness of God himself. It reminds me of the lengths he went to in order to deal with sin in a different way. 

During this Passion Week, Holy Week, it reminds me of Jesus, coming to live and die for me.

How amazing that the last time I saw a rainbow, it was over the Sea of Galilee.

How amazing.

Much more interesting than an unbroken sky of blue.

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