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Wednesday, 25 April 2012


We arrived at the Scottish Parliament building just ahead of the protest march. There were police everywhere.
Donald Trump was in the building, giving his opinion on wind farms as they impact on the view from his proposed hotel. He bandied figures around, suggesting his investment far outweighed that of a wind farm. He stated that the hotel would not go ahead if the wind farm did. Money is power, and he was wielding it. 

We watched him on the monitor in the lobby as we waited for our escort, Diane. She arrived, effervescent and contagiously cheerful, exuding friendliness and extolling the joys of working in this atmosphere. 

The members’ restaurant has a stunning view of Arthur’s Seat, down which we could see the occasional athlete running, cycling or even, perhaps, grass skiing. The food was delicious, and our MSP was inspiring. Dennis Robertson, blind since he was 11, became an MSP last year, shortly after the death of his daughter from anorexia.

Personal tragedy has perhaps contributed to shaping him into a man of principle and compassion. Formerly a social worker, his interest in the welfare of others keeps him working long hours. He’s not investing millions in a hotel with the aim to increase his fortune. He’s investing himself in his country with the aim to help people.

Sarah came to take me to the Debating Chamber, where I would deliver the Time for Reflection. My heart pounded and the adrenalin pumped. Don and our friends headed for the gallery. 

I had four minutes.

Four minutes to encourage Dennis Robertson and his colleagues, many of whom also work to serve the people who have elected them. Four minutes to challenge them to take risks in working to make the world a better place. Four minutes to bless them with the peace of Jesus Christ.

I was blessed by the experience, and I pray that others were too.

And at the end of the day, who was trumped?

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