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Monday, 9 April 2012

Chocolate Overload

The darker the better. That’s my motto when it comes to chocolate.

So although I was told not to take anything for Easter lunch, when I saw the recipe in the paper for a hazelnut and chocolate torte which was as black as ebony, I headed for the kitchen.

Easter can be a challenge for those whose passions don’t include chocolate. There’s always fresh fruit salad, of course – which pairs very well with dark chocolate.

The darker the better.

Can’t get any darker than the events of Good Friday. We watched an ambitious re-enactment of the story of the Passion at the AECC and I cried as Jesus was nailed to the cross. What a horrific death he willingly embraced in order that we might be set free to live with him forever. It is an incredible story of forgiveness and unconditional love. I felt a little annoyed that the production carried on so quickly to the joy of Easter. I needed more time to reflect in the dark, for the full impact of his sacrifice to sink in.

There is something about the darkness of Good Friday. Not that I want to wallow in it, but in order to really rejoice over Jesus’ resurrection, I think I need to take time to consider the high price Jesus was willing to pay to rescue me. To save me, and the world, from eternal darkness. 

The blinding shaft of light on Easter morning is so much more glorious when contrasted with the absolute darkness of Good Friday.

Glory and honour and praise to Jesus. That’s my motto when it comes to Easter.

Fresh fruit salad does go very well with deep chocolate.

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