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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Let it Rain!

Just back from a very moist walk. It’s Dusty’s favourite walk – the wet walk at Crathes Castle where she can leap with abandon after sticks into every loch, stream and trickle of water. 

This morning the water wasn’t just on the ground though. It started out with a drizzle and increased to pretty steady pounding before we finished. That all adds to the fun. April showers, right? Let’s hope it warms up so those May flowers can blossom.

Now I’ve got a Jesus Culture CD on and the girl’s wonderful voice imploring God to ‘let it rain’. She is talking about the floodgates of heaven, though, rather than H2O from the sky. That God would pour out His Spirit in mercy and power and love, changing lives, bringing healing and wholeness.

I’ve just read Robbie’s account of his recent mission trip, where God indeed did let it rain, healings and conversions and life-changing encounters. It seems everyone was blessed and changed, including those on the mission.

We’ve got the H2O type rain in abundance here. I’m joining my voice with Jesus Culture in imploring God to let it rain, spiritually, in this place. Soften hearts. Change lives. 

We’re longing for May flowers in the lives of those we love and encounter in our daily lives. Let it rain, Lord. Let it rain.

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