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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Tip of the Iceberg

All these Titanic programmes are tedious. Some are tortuous. Like the one last week that tracked the hypothetical path of the killer iceberg from its birthplace in Greenland, on down past Newfoundland drawn by various currents and into the path of the Titanic steaming full ahead for New York.

It did cause me to think a bit about that expression, the tip of the iceberg. 

Only 10% or so of an iceberg sits above water. The rest is concealed.

Made me think of people. Perhaps we show only 10% of who we really are to those around us. Our families maybe know about 50% of who we are. But beneath the surface, there are thoughts and dreams perhaps even we have trouble putting into words. Things we are not proud of. Things we’d like to shed.

As an iceberg moves south, melting in the current as it goes, it becomes unstable and begins to flip over as it sheds some of its underwater weight. 

And as we Christians move closer to God, the warmth of his presence and love begins to melt the ugly junk concealed within our hearts and souls, and we begin to flip over as the weight of sin lightens. 

An iceberg eventually disappears into the vastness of the ocean. 

And we, too, will one day disappear into the vastness of eternity with God. 

Having shed all that ugliness.


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