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Saturday, 28 April 2012

Relationship Not Religion

I read somewhere the other day that Jesus came not to start a religion, but a relationship.

Thank God for that.

I hate religion, with all its boundaries and man-made rules and regs. All the arguments that rage over building alterations, forms of worship music, and obscure doctrine smack of religion. 

I’ve just spent an hour sitting with Jesus, mulling over Psalm 16. Chewing it. Pondering it. Meditating on it.
And I’ve been renewed and refreshed. Encouraged to embrace Him and let him embrace me. Challenged to let go of anything that entangles me and keeps me from spending time with him.

I am determined to make yet another effort to spend more quality time with God. 

Not because I have to. But because I want to, because I love him, and I know its value.

It’s the value of a close relationship, rather than obedience to a set of rules.

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