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Wednesday, 18 April 2012


A raw cold hangs over the country, which is enrobed in fog. It obscures the landscape and creates a sense of lost-ness, as without the familiar bearings I could be anywhere. Anywhere at all.

It reminds me of a Christmas eve in California when I was a child. We’d been to church and were navigating our way home in dense fog. My sister Judy and I thought it was wonderfully mysterious and exciting – until the radio began to broadcast sightings of Santa over the greater Los Angeles area, and we feared he might pass by our house before we could get home and into bed.

My mother rolled down the window (days before electric windows!) and leaned out, her eyes straining to see the curb on the side of the road. When she did, she would cry out, ‘Curb!’ and Dad would correct the drift and steer us back onto the road. Eventually we reached home, fortunately ahead of Santa.

It is so easy to drift off course spiritually, lost in a fog of busyness, anxiety or selfish concerns. We need others around us to alert us to our drift when we begin to head for the curb instead of staying steadfastly behind Jesus.

Of course he stays with us too. He has promised never to leave us and he is there to correct our drift and keep us from danger, if only we have ears to hear and a spirit open to obey and respond. I just read this verse in Genesis this morning, “God is with you in everything you do.” (Genesis 21:22)

And so he is. Whether we are doing right, or whether we’ve steered off-course, he is with us. Ready to guide us back into the path. 

A daily dally in Scripture can be just the foghorn we need to bring us back on course. As well as a spirit open to the nudge of the Holy Spirit, and good friends with the courage to challenge us when we lose direction.

May we all know these blessings today, and also be willing to be such a blessing to our friends.

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