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Friday, 6 April 2012

Too sweet?

Can anything ever be too sweet?

Well, yes.

I have just made my first attempt at short crust pastry. I know it’s incredible at my age, but I’ve stuck to the oil pastry I learned at my mother’s knee and it’s served me well.

But I saw this recipe for plum and almond tart, and thought I’d give it a whirl.

What I didn’t realize as I measured out the icing sugar into the butter-flour mixture, was that the batteries of this marvellous high-tech digital weighing scale, had jiggled loose. I did think it seemed a little more sugar than I’d imagined was needed. But I went ahead anyway.

It was when I was weighing the marzipan that I realized just how wonky they were. I pulled out my trusted old scale which tends to leap around a bit, but at least gives a ball park figure which has always worked for me before.

So the upshot is – look out, Doug and Joey, as we all may be whizzing with sugar overdose when we go to watch the Passion at the AECC. 

I didn’t realize that loose batteries could result in the weighing scale being so erratic. I’m sure that’s why God wants us to maintain a tight connection to him. When we fail to ground ourselves in God, our thinking grows erratic and our actions betray that we are no longer taking orders from the Top.

Jesus didn’t mention sugar. But he did talk about salt and light, and without secure connections, our lights will definitely fail to illuminate anything.

May your Good Friday be sweetened by the promise of Easter morning. It’s so much better to walk through Good Friday this side of the Cross.

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