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Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Beyond the Pane...

When I got up this morning I commented on what a dark, stormy day it looked. An hour later, sitting in the prayer window, all had changed. The sun was out – and still is. The wind has dropped. 

Looking at the view, though, I was very aware of the pretend panes formed in the glass by strips of white plastic between the double glazing. I was aware of the water spots and dirt on the outside of the window. I was distracted from seeing the view.

Sometimes things get in the way and it’s hard to appreciate that life is beautiful. A change of focus is needed (and a window cleaner...) 

I lift my eyes to the hills – my help is in the name of the Lord. That psalm is a family favourite since the time of my grandfather, who I never knew but who I remember when I think of or read the psalm (121). I’m grateful for that connection to him.

Looking beyond the plastic strips and the dirty spots, I see a future where the sun will always shine and there will be no more distractions, big or small, to prevent us enjoying and worshiping the Lord. And being with those we love.

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