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Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Creativity part 2

OK, God, I think I’ve got my main character created – not from some man’s rib but in my imagination. That is, I know her vital statistics – where she lives, approximate age, career, etc. Still unsure of her name though. But what I really need now is to breathe some life into her. 

I need to know how she ticks. What she thinks. How she reacts in various situations. 

I need her back story. Why she thinks as she does. Why she reacts as she does.

So as I head for the car for a spot of childminding, I shall explore some options and see if, with your help, her lungs will begin to inflate and her brain will reveal some of its mysteries to me.
Not all writing is done at the desk. Somehow I need to get into this character’s skin.

Makes me think of someone else. You, Father God. You got into human skin so you could better identify with our temptations, our weaknesses, and save us from ourselves. Thank you. So grateful. Thank you. 

My aim is much less lofty. That is, I don’t intend to save this character or anyone else. But I would love it, Lord, if with your help someone in the future will read her story and through it, see you in all your glory, and receive your salvation.

Amen and amen.

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