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Thursday, 26 January 2017

Til a' the seas gang dry

In season and out, God always loves you.

The first time Don sent me flowers (maybe the only time he ever sent them) was as he came across the States on business, ending up in LA. He sent them from St Louis, with a line, ‘til a’ the seas gang dry’. How could I refuse???

I try not to buy veg and fruit when it is out of season, as I am aware of the carbon footprint. But when he comes in with roses (definitely not local in January), how can I refuse? 

‘Til a’ the seas gang dry. Rabbie Burns. We’ll have our haggis at the weekend but I’ve got the roses now.

In season and out, God always loves you.And I am grateful for a husband who is still a romantic after 41 years.

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