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Thursday, 12 January 2017

Thunder Snow

Thunder snow

Wow, that sounds so impressive! It’s the prediction for the weather here today, but so far the sun is shining out of a clear, cold blue sky. I see it’s snowing on the west coast, but no sign of the powerful thunder snow up here (yet)...

Then again, do I really want thunder snow and all its potential disruptions? It sounds like it could not only trap us in our home through treacherous roads, but also blitz our power or our internet or telephone or everything. 

Funny how we seem to have an inherent urge to flirt with the wild side, to experience something that gives us a thrill because it is intrinsically full of danger. Of course we all want to walk away unscathed and get on with our lives, but there is a frisson of excitement at the thought of high drama in the weather forecast.

The disciples weren’t too chuffed when their trip across the water turned into a struggle with violent winds and seas. They cried out to Jesus for help and he expressed wonder at their lack of faith, before calming the storm. 

I don’t think any of us court testing times in our lives, but the odd brush with exciting weather ... gets the blood pumping.

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