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Sunday, 29 January 2017

Humble me

Humble me, humble me, Lord Jesus...

For over twenty years, one of the favourite praise songs sung by the teens at our church opens with this prayer. Humble me. The words go on to extol the beauties and magnificence of the world God has created. 

It’s a beautiful world God has created, which humanity excels at spoiling through ignorance, greed and hubris. People all over the globe groan in grief and pain, and it is a heinous shame that the ‘leader of the free world’ has closed the gates to those in greatest need. If copper could weep, the Statue of Liberty would be weeping now.

What kind of a country is being created as the borders close? It’s as if the Iron Curtain is falling again, but this time in North America. It’s not the US I grew up in; it’s not a country inspired by Christian generosity and hospitality but one shrinking into selfish protectionism and cynical suspicion and fear.

May God encourage and embolden those entrusted with maintaining a balance in the federal government, those in the judiciary and legislature who can act to limit the damage being done by so many executive orders. May God keep the rest of us on our knees, and also protesting through social media and on the streets. God bless all those adversely affected by these orders, whether those fleeing repressive regimes or war, or those robbed of humane health care provisions.

Through it all, may humility keep us grounded, and God give us vision, courage and hope for a better future for all. Humble me, Lord Jesus.

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