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Friday, 6 January 2017

Hot Cookies

I must have touched a hot cookie sheet during the Christmas baking, as I notice the line of a burn-scar on my thumb. 

It is a reminder of happy days, baking Christmas cookies with Mhairi, Doug and Felicity. Does it bother me that the trigger for the memory is the mark of a painful burn? Not at all.

Sometimes things which bring us pain, serve to remind us of good moments. I don’t remember the burn, but I do remember the laughter as Flick merrily dumped most of the coloured sugar onto one or two cookies. I do remember the chat as we rolled out the candy canes. I do remember the smiles as we rolled out another batch of pecan crisps. Good memories.

All things work for good for those who love God, Scripture tells us. Not all pains are as inconsequential as the burn on my thumb, though, and I’m conscious that some pain is searing and carries anguishing consequences. But my trust and hope are in the loving God who is with us in every pain, major or minor, who weeps with us and who then works to create something beautiful from within the new normal. 

Praying that 2017 will bloom with beauty as it unfolds for us all, whether germinated in joy or pain.

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