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Friday, 20 January 2017


Watching the sunbeams pick up the sparkle of the frost on the fields and bushes, I’m reminded of the way places like Stonehenge were configured so as to channel a particular sunbeam on  particular days of each year – at the solstices. At just the right moment, presumably, everything is in alignment and the ray of sun zaps into the centre of the structure, unimpeded. 

Someone I know has been fasting this week, and it has made me think along those lines – that as the spiritual lines are unclogged of the detritus of daily life and painful experiences, God’s love and grace and power can beam right into the centre of one’s soul. 

John the Baptist (quoting the Old Testament) challenged his followers to make way for the Lord so that he can enter in all his glory.

Sometimes it’s hurts and pains that can block God’s love from getting right to the heart and working miracles. As I look out at my favourite tree (a graceful triple trunk which always reminds me of the Trinity), I think that just as trees take blows and absorb the scars into the rings that mark off the years, so we as humans, with God’s help, can absorb the ‘slings and arrows of outrageous fortune’ and be healed, and continue to grow healthy and perhaps even stronger because of our experiences.

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