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Monday, 9 January 2017

Our Trash Runneth Over

Our trash runneth over.

So does our ‘recycling’. 

It doesn’t help that we put the wrong bin out a couple weeks ago, so confused were we with their holiday schedule. Then when we rectified that Friday and had the recycling out, it was left pretty full because we had mistakenly filled it with plastic sheeting and polystyrene packaging which, it turns out, is not recyclable.

Today the ‘bin lorry’ should resume the usual schedule so we are hopeful that the trash bin, which doth really runneth over, shall be emptied some time during this beautiful day.

Stuff accumulates in a modern life which clutters and clogs and hampers forward movement. Sometimes it can be passed on, reused and given a second life; other times there is nothing for it but to send it to the tip.

Sometimes stuff becomes central to our thinking, elbowing out positive thoughts and leaving no room for progress in our lives. We get bogged down and lose focus, distracted and anxious.

Jesus counsels us to keep it simple. Not to worry about what we have or don’t have, or even what we need or don’t need. He advises to take one day at a time and focus on what really matters.

We have started this year, as we have many years, with a resolve to declutter. May 2017 be a year of less stuff, leaving more room in our minds and hearts to focus on what really matters.

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