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Wednesday, 4 January 2017


Back to school/work/normality today. 

New day. New year. God knows the plans he has for me and if I am wise, I will sit with him long enough to hear his whisper and run with him. Too often have I run away from him, following what I thought was my heart or was a better direction.

My ‘to do’ list is as complete a list of new year’s resolutions as I will make, but it is pretty comprehensive and daunting. I need to sit with him and hear his voice, following his advice on what to cross off my list and adding the things he suggests.

The great thing about our Father is that he loves us and wants to hang out with us. How unwise I am to follow my list slavishly rather than offering it to him for his advice. And it’s not all about ‘doing’ anyway...the sitting with him is such a breath of fresh air.

That’s the number one, the only, resolution I am making this year. To prioritise time with the Father.

I’ve got some Bible reading notes published in this quarter’s edition of Day by Day with God, from BRF. Sometimes it helps to have a guide as we navigate the Bible.

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