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Monday, 16 January 2017

Quality of light

Just watched Mhairi mime sunshine streaming through her window (in southern California), so thought I’d take a photo of the sunshine struggling through my window (in northeastern Scotland). Both are beautiful, with different qualities. 

I have also just listened to the inspirational Dr Martin Luther King Jr deliver a stirring talk on love and its power to overcome every evil thing. He talked of Nicodemus’ encounter with Jesus at night, when Jesus counselled him to be ‘born again’. Dr King extended the advice to America itself, suggesting that the USA needed to be ‘born again’, to have a whole new structure of equality and opportunity for all based in love.

How we need to hear these words today, not just in America but worldwide.

Dr King’s words bring light streaming through the darkness, perhaps in the way Mhairi is experiencing the strong sunshine of southern California. May the words of my mouth and keyboard today allow the sunshine to struggle through and bring encouragement and inspiration to others. 

I took time to clean that window on Saturday, so now I can focus on what lies outside and not be distracted by the smudges and film of grime filtering the view. It takes a little time to clean up my actions and attitudes before the light can pass through unhindered, so that others can focus on the light and not on the messed-up life of the light-bearer.

This is the day the Lord has given. A bit of effort from me, so that Jesus’ light can shine through. God bless your day.

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