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Thursday, 23 June 2016


Just in from cutting grass and trimming and pulling weeds. The grass is in flower; I am allergic to grass and dust. Therefore I sit here expecting an eruption of hay fever sometime this evening. 

But maybe it won’t happen. Maybe I’ve outgrown the allergy. Maybe the pollen will have blown in a different direction rather than up my nose. There may be no catastrophic result from this evening’s exertion.

It’s easy to expect the worst. Sitting here awaiting the outcome of the referendum, it’s easy to imagine that all sorts of negative things might result when the vote is counted. Uncertainty and instability or even civil unrest. 

But I am a Christian, and my hope is in the name of the Lord, and therefore I am praying and trusting that whatever the outcome, it will be intertwined with God’s glory. I pray for forgiveness and understanding, unity and cohesiveness as we work our future out together, however it looks. It behoves every Christian to be diligent in prayer.

Perhaps over the next few days my blogs won’t be inspired by nature, but may be inspired by looking for the glory of God emerging in a thousand small ways. To God be the glory, whatever the outcome. May his kingdom come, and his will be done, here in the UK and in Europe. Amen.

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