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Tuesday, 21 June 2016


I’m just in from weeding round each individual raspberry cane, because they were so overwhelmed by buttercups and clover and things that I couldn’t even see some of the shorter canes.

What was revealed was that several of them are absolutely dead. They were so overgrown with weeds, though, that I was unaware of that fact and assumed that beneath the canopy of green there was a thriving, or at least surviving, rasp cane which, if not productive this year, promised to be productive in the future. How wrong I was.

It makes me think that there are undoubtedly areas in my life which I assume are thriving and getting ready to bear fruit, when in fact their deadness is hidden by a busy overgrowth of activity. I think it’s time to pull back the busyness and check the underlying health of my commitments, activities, and dreams.

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