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Monday, 13 June 2016


Just reading about Jesus being mobbed but somehow, in the midst, recognising that power has gone out from him for healing. And he turns and gives the poor, embarrassed woman his full attention and healing.

I’ve had a very busy weekend with more people around me than usual. People I love and people I want to spend time with, so they get the priority I want to give them. But by the end of the weekend I feel drained. 

I need to learn how to reach out in the crowd and touch Jesus’ robe. The woman didn’t receive her healing when she was closeted in her prayer window, alone with God for hours of peaceful worship. She received it in the midst of a crowd, while Jesus had a pressing agenda to get to a dying girl. 

This day, as I head out once more and the busyness continues, I reach out to touch your garment, Jesus, and receive your power and love.

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