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Monday, 6 June 2016

Risky Living

Trees encircle our property. Thirty-five years ago we decided to deny the name this place was blessed with centuries ago – Barehillock – and plant trees. They have grown up and provide shade and homes for the birds (as well as wild cherries in season). One of them, the poplar, grew too fast and was therefore weak and a danger, so this year it has come down, sadly. We’ll keep warm as we burn it in a few years.
The sun is out and it promises to be another good day, but when I glanced out at the veggie patch just now I was surprised at how much shade blankets it. Shade from some of those trees we so lovingly planted.
We wanted the shelter and protection of the trees, but some have grown so voluptuously that parts of the garden don’t get the warming rays of the sun.
We like to be sheltered and protected. We like our comfort zones. They are safe. Jesus calls us out of those comfort zones and into risky living for him. He calls us to step out of the shade and as we do, timidly perhaps, we discover we are more in the Son than we ever were before.
I am writing this in faith. This is what I’ve been taught at Cherish conference last weekend and it is challenging me to live an edgier life for Jesus, to get out there and feed, clothe, visit, rescue...

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