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Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Scottish Skies

I have a special love for Scottish skies. They go a long way towards compensating for the vagaries of the weather – the skies are usually interesting and often beautiful. Had to stop the car last night and snap a picture of the mother-of-pearl cloud effect swirling round a slowly sinking sun. I understand the effect is due to partially frozen water particles in the clouds, refracting the sunlight. Very nice.
The black swatch in the foreground looks pregnant with rain but it passed overhead without a drop falling on me. 

We are (finally) concluding a referendum campaign, during which both sides have threatened all sorts of black clouds filled with disastrous consequences should we vote the wrong way. It is an important decision, but it is not a choice between light and dark but between shades of grey, swirling in a maelstrom of atmospheric winds. Sometimes the atmosphere has been almost poisonous, but often there have been dignified discussions as folk have expressed their reasons for their stance. It comes down to priorities.

Jesus is the way and the truth and the life. Whichever way we choose to vote, he is the light of the world, for which he died.

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