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Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Flaming June

It’s such a lovely time of year. Flaming June has actually been warm so far, some days, which is such a blessing. We’ve got the veggie patch dug and Don has dug in the local farmer’s cow manure and he’s planted potatoes. Today I found a place for a row of carrots and planted a couple rows of very tiny seedling lettuce.
It all looks great, the rows darkened by the water I carefully drizzled over the fledgling plants.
In a few weeks time, whether or not flaming June continues to flame, it will be transformed. Not only will the carrots and lettuce have grown, hopefully: unless I am vigilant, they will be obscured by a jungle of weeds.
I’ve come back from Cherish bubbling with ideas and challenges, inspired and ready to live life on the edge for Jesus. My desire is like those fledgling lettuce, fragile and delicate, but bolstered by Jesus’ strength flowing through me I know it’s possible for the desire to grow stronger and bigger and give nourishment to others. It doesn’t need to get lost in a jungle of activity.
Fan into flame, whether it’s June or not...

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