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Sunday, 19 June 2016

The old rugged cross

The old rugged cross. Jesus hung on an ugly tree and suffered the worst execution men could dream up. And yet, through that act of ugliness and brutality emerged beauty and redemption and life everlasting.

What was unspeakably horrible, in the hands of our loving heavenly Father, became a touchstone with the divine, a doorway through which we can enter into that precious, amazing relationship which the Trinity longed for. 

This has been a week of shocking terror, a week in which sin broke through in all its despicability. My mind cannot fathom how God will redeem what was lost, but I believe it is exactly what he will do as we cry out to him.

As Tony preached this morning, God loved the world so much he gave his only, beloved son. He wanted to rescue us from the power of darkness, and the light of the world has broken through. 

May the fragrance of Jesus remind us of his love and may his light transform our despair and fill us with hope as we trust in him.

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