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Sunday, 5 June 2016

Standing in the Gap

God speaks to us all the time. Bet this one will surprise many.

I've just been at Cherish women's conference in Leeds. It has been challenging and inspiring, worshipful and funny. I'm not writing about any of those deep insights right now but about something that happened when I took a comfort break.

They opened all the bathrooms for us ladies (7,000), so I was queueing at a normally men's restroom. Two cubicles and a bunch of open urinals. Only one of the cubicles was being used and so I asked the girl at the top of the queue why. No door, she replied. The queue lengthened and then that girl hauled her mom out from the back of the queue and suggested she could be the door for her. So they took it in turns.

Hey, I thought. We are all women here. So I asked the lady behind me if she would be the door for me, and then I stood in the gap for her.

No big deal. But it made me think that God calls us to stand in the gap for others, not just those we know and love but also complete strangers. He wants us to shield them in their vulnerable moments from leering eyes and malign intentions. He wants us to demonstrate love by stepping up and speaking out and being Jesus to all the poor and downtrodden and hurting and sick.

That is what Jesus did for the whole world. He stood in the gap, and he still does today.

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