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Thursday, 17 March 2016

Flat tires

It's been a year for pot holes. We(that is the Royal we: thank you, Don, for changing all those tires) have replaced all four tires on the Prius since December. And one tire on the Clio. Not all due to potholes, it has to be said, but some tires were mauled by those vicious dips which appeared after the heavy rains.

Now I am in California and keep noticing how many streets are crying out for resurfacing. Not necessarily potholed, but definitely scraped and dipping and offering cars a bumpy ride.

Life lately has been a bumpy ride, not just for me but for others in my family and friends. I've never been someone who blames the devil for every blip or pothole in life, but some of the potholes which are sucking the joy out of everyday living bear the hallmarks of an enemy.

So tonight I am going back to basics and putting on the armour of God, so clearly described by Paul when writing to the Ephesian believers. I am buckling on the belt of truth, reminding myself of who I am in Jesus, a daughter of the King of kings. I am putting on the breastplate of righteousness, a righteousness lived out by Jesus and which I .. We .. Can stand in. I am buckling up the shoes of the gospel of peace, sturdy shoes which take me places firmly held by the prince of peace. I am donning the helmet of salvation, so that none of those insinuations and condemnations can penetrate my mind and derail my aims. I am taking up the shield of faith, faith that God is always good and only wants the best for me, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the Bible, the word of God, full of amazing promises that encourage my faith and assure me that my prayers are powerful and effective. And I am going to stand against all the wiles and the cunning plans of my adversary and the enemy of us all. I am going to stand against him on my own behalf but more, I am going to stand in the gap for others who may not have noticed who is flattening their tires.

No more punctures, I declare!

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