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Friday, 11 March 2016


I grew up in Southern California, where the weather is pretty perfect. But hot sometimes in the summer, and I remember as teenagers when we were driving, if we went to the mall and bought a 99 cent single record, it was important not to leave it too long in the hot car. If you did, it would warp.

A warped vinyl record distorts the music and the record is ruined.

Another aspect of dementia seems to be a distortion of reality. Not only is there an alarming wiping away of short term memory, sometimes in the space of seconds, but also perceptions of truth do not reflect reality. That is where hurts are formed and emotions run deep. That is where the carer or loved one needs to keep reminding herself that the dementia sufferer is just that, suffering from an illness which is presenting her with a weird landscape of the truth. The sufferer is not choosing to believe odd things out of malice or spite but is truly deluded herself. It is just so sad.

I am the way and the truth and the life, Jesus declared. It is such a comfort to know that as we stick as close to him as possible and trust that he will get us through to that place where there are no more tears, he will heal the warps and distortions in our memories and we shall be whole in him.

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