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Monday, 21 March 2016

Groundhog Day

It used to be a day associated with the rather peculiar belief that a groundhog's behaviour on February 2 predicted the number of wintry weeks remaining until spring. But since the movie of that title was released a few years ago, it has become synonymous with a day that endlessly repeats itself in a tedious and recognisable cycle until something is altered so that the apparent progression of days resumes.

Every morning, I am introduced to people I may have met several times before. Since nobody else remembers, it doesn't matter. We eat with others who are all on their own repeat cycle of information. Sometimes it replays every thirty seconds. Sometimes one wonders if anyone else is aware of the repetitive nature of the conversations. Or if it really matters anyway.

God's faithfulness is new every morning. Even though he sits down to our endless cycles of anxious prayers, his embrace draws us in and he listens. Lord, may I live out the love you show me this morning as I head for breakfast and its cyclical conversations.

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